1. Sewer cleaning winch machine
  2. Vibration equipment (for manufacturing reinforced concrete components)
  3. Tidal gate (for regulating, diluting and scouring contaminated water bodies to reduce environmental pollution) and operation method
  4. Decentralized wastewater treatment system
  5. On-site treatment system for wastewater from hotels and restaurants
  6. On-site treatment system for wastewater from seafood processing industry
  7. Precast reinforced concrete products with thin walls applied for drainage and environmental works
  8. Precast reinforced concrete manholes with thin walls – New system for rainwater collection and odor control in urban areas
  9. Precast reinforced concrete septic tank with thin walls applied for toilets
  10. Precast reinforced concrete pipe support
  11. Precast reinforced concrete manholes with thin walls - box checking manhole
  12. Precast reinforced concrete curbs
  13. Precast reinforced concrete with thin walls – slow filtration tank and domestic water tank
  14. Precast reinforced concrete trenches with thin walls for cable and piping distribution
  15. Precast reinforced concrete tombs
  16. Precast reinforced concrete slab for canal slope protection and paving
  17. Precast reinforced concrete green garbage cans
  18. Reinforced concrete barriers
  19. Precast reinforced concrete and fibrous concrete channels, ditches with thin walls.
  20. Reinforced concrete slabs
  21. Reinforced concrete pipes and box culverts
  22. BUSADCO electric pole
  23. Water level control system for flooding prevention
  24. Water meter box
  25. Reinforced concrete slabs for paving around tree stumps
  26. All kinds of stair components
  27. Heat-resistant reinforced concrete components
  28. Assembled handrail
  29. Pillar cover
  30. Assembled embankment with slopping roof
  31. Biogas tanks
  32. Bridge with hollow abutments
  33. Assembled concrete floating bridge
  34. Assembled reinforced concrete components for protection of riverbanks, lakes and dykes
  35. Precast reinforced concrete slab for canal slop protection and paving
  36. Precast reinforced concrete raft foundation
  37. Embankment base for drainage
  38. Assembled reinforced concrete slabs for erosion prevention
  39. Wave force breaking solution
  40. Assembled embankment base for drift sand prevention and protection shore
  41. The components installed freely for anti-vortex flow in estuaries
  42. Assembled embankment base for extension of areas and alluvial ground
  43. The components creating mounts, alluvial ground for protection of shore
  44. Nonmetallic reinforced culvert for tide prevention and flood drainage
  45. Nonmetallic reinforced bridges and roads for dyke traffic
  46. Nonmetallic reinforced stop plate
  47. Nonmetallic reinforced bridges and culverts for interior field transport
  48. Nonmetallic reinforced culverts for drainage under the dyke