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(COXII) – In spite of the context of the economic crisis, the local businesses have been facing many difficulties, some of scientific and technological businesses (S&T) have been still trying their best to achieve high turnovers and profits from their scientific and technological products creating jobs for their employees. Ba Ria-Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development One Member Limited Company (BUSADCO) is the one of these typical scientific and technological businesses.

General Director, Mr Hoang Duc Thao (the person on the right) iss on behalf of BUSADCO to receive the title of Labor Hero in the renovation period 2013 (Photographer: BUSADCO)

BUSADCO is the national leading business in technological innovation, obtains many achievements in the application of advanced science, techniques, new technologies in the movement of initiative promotion, technique improvement and environment protection; has contributed to the scientific and technical revolution of research and application in the field of constructing the technical infrastructure system of urban and rural areas as well as environmental protection when the current state of technical infrastructure is inadequate and unsynchronized.

In the conference on Development of Scientific and Technological Enterprise 2015, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology recently, BUSADCO is one of 204 Scientific and Technological Enterprises issued the Certificate of Operation in the fields such as biotechnology, new material technology, mechanical technology for machinery manufacture – automation, environmental and agricultural technology … by the Ministry of Science and Technology. BUSADCO is also recognized as one of the national leading businesses in technological innovation, research and application of advanced science.

Hero of Labor, Dr. Hoang Duc Thao - Chairman cum General Director of BUSADCO said, he and nearly 800 staff have created 30 works of scientific research and useful solutions, created new technologies in 3/5 Scientific and Technological sector including 23 works being applied, 17 patents for invention and useful solutions as well as 16 Vietnamese standards were issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 5 Certificates of appropriate technology and allowed to apply all over the country were issued by the Ministry of Construction. The market of BUSADCO scientific and technological products not only has covered 48/63 cities and provinces in the country but also 12 cities and provinces issued guidelines for applying BUSADCO technology in their areas.

Dr. Hoang Duc Thao said: "Coming from actual situation, Vietnam regularly has to import equipment, machinery and technology from foreign countries. The import is necessary when Vietnam is not able to produce technology and equipment satisfying the requirements of practical production and life. In addition, there are many cases that the imported technology is old, outdated and inefficient, especially the dependence on foreign specialists. Facing the situation of weakness and shortcoming of urban drainage system in Vietnam, BUSADCO’S leaders concerned: What should we do to remedy the shortcomings with such a limited budget that we have to save with maximum amount to remain our operation? What should we do so that BUSADCO can contribute more to the overall development? Did not stop, be unsatisfied with the passive, perfunctory operation, the leader board determined to move on from our internal resources; for the reason, we mobilized and created all the conditions for the technical innovation which are formed from idea to implementation.”

The launching and organizing the implementation of emulation movements on initiative and technical improvement is the push to the needs and the passion for creativity inherent in everyone, every unit. As a result, there are dozens of initiatives proposed annually, including many greatly significant initiatives for economy and society. In order to actualize the initiatives, Busadco carried out the research, experiment and application depending on specific content, scope and requirement. Through the practical application and experiment, inappropriate points shall be researched and improved gradually in order that later products are better and more preeminent than the previous.

Besides the rewards of the Government and national organizations, more than 10 years, Busadco has received a lot of rewards of other international organizations for over last ten years such as: “Best in Class Award” of the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) organized in Srilanca in 2012 by the Asia - Pacific Quality Organization; 01 Special prize, 02 Gold prizes, 01 Silver prize of SIIF (Seoul international invention fair) in Korea in 2008, 2009; 02 Gold prizes of ITEX (International invention, innovation and technology exhibition) in Malaysia in 2010, 2012; 03 WIPO prizes of the World Intellectual Property Organization for the most excellent scientific and technological work of Vietnam in 2009 and 2013; the Second prize of Invention competition in 2013 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology coordinating with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Korean Intellectual Property Organization (KIPO) and Vietkings.

At the Conference on "TechDemo 2015" held at the beginning of November 2015 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, BUSADCO participated with 3/5 scientific and technological products which were successfully researched and ready for transferring the technology to individuals and organizations which have demands. They were: Sewer cleaning winch machine; vibration technology for manufacturing precast reinforced concrete with thin walls and tidal gates for regulating, diluting and scouring contaminated water bodies to minimize environmental pollution in the canals, ditches and "dead" lakes.

In the field of biotechnology, BUSADCO has the products: decentralized treatment system of urban domestic wastewater; on-site treatment system for wastewater from hotels and restaurants; wastewater treatment technology for seafood processing facilities.

In the field of construction technology, BUSADCO has owned 6 plants manufacturing all precast reinforced concrete components with thin walls used in the technical infrastructure structure and environmental protection in Vung Tau, Ba Ria, Nha Trang, Vinh, Thai Binh and Hanoi,.

Sharing the above successes, Dr. Hoang Duc Thao said: in order to get successes, it is necessary to have a united team. The leaders should be exemplary, to trust and create conditions for their subordinates to promote their activeness and creativity, create an open working environment and strengthen the individual role and responsibility. For research, creation and application, it is necessary to define that research is a closed value chain, a cycle with a beginning and an end according to predefined criteria: Starting with observing the real situation and arising ideas, calculating and choosing useful solutions, manufacturing and selling products.

With a series of rewards and honor titles awarded by national and international organizations, BUSADCO has affirmed their quality and reputation in the market. The breakthroughs in scientific and technological research and application not only have brought benefits to BUSADCO but also solved the urgent issues of practical life, bringing real benefits to the society, contributing to construction of synchronous system of urban and rural infrastructure and environmental protection and ensuring the sustainable development.






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