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 Article 1: Office

  • Address: At the end of Nguyen Buu – Vo Dinh Thanh Streets – Thang Tam Ward – Vung Tau City.
  • Tel: 064 3525446                                  Fax: 0643.3525446.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Article 2: Legal status

2.1. Vung Tau Drainage Enterprise is an unit with a dependent accounting system on Busadco;

2.2. Vung Tau Drainage Enterprise is responsible for implementing business activities under the provisions of Busadco

2.3. Vung Tau Drainage Enterprise is under the direct leadership, guidance and management of Busadco General Director

Article 3: Operating sectors

  • Managing, exploiting and using the systems of equalization and regulation lakes, channels, ditches, dikes, tidal gates in order to serve the requirements of urban drainage.
  • Maintaining, protecting and operating the wastewater system in the urban areas of Vung Tau city.
  • Controlling discharge sources from households, businesses, enterprises, units connected into the urban drainage system.

Namely as follows:

. Repair and maintenance of drainage systems

  • Repair and renovation of drainage systems
  • Maintenance of drainage systems
  • Maintenance of sewer cleaning winch machines, machinery and equipment.

. Maintenance of drainage systems

  • Dredging canals.
  • Dredging manholes.
  • Dredging trenches of manholes.
  • Dredging all kinds of sewers.
  • Collecting garbage in front of manholes.
  • Collecting garbage in canals.
  • Transporting and disposing of sludge and garbage to prescribed places.
  • Dredging new systems for rainwater collection and odor control in urban areas.

. Management and operation

  • Existing drainage system.
  • Tidal sluice-gate.
  • Outlets.
  • Pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants.
  • Flooding prevention
  • Cover slab replacement.
  • Management of sludge dumps


  • Exploitation and operation.
  • Transportation and treatment of wastes.
  • Repairs and maintenance

. Construction and installation:

  • All projects specializing in water supply, drainage and environmental sanitation;
  • Constructing the civil, industrial works and urban technical infrastructure project, electric projects under 35KV;
  • Dredging projects of rivers, lakes, ports;
  • Agriculture and forestry and water projects;
  • Projects of bridges, communications and transport roads;
  • Flower-gardens projects.

Article 4: Duties and Power

  • The enterprise shall implement the volume of work assigned by the General Director of Busadco.
  • The enterprise shall abide by the comprehensive and specific leadership, direction, management, coordination, control, inspection, supervision of Busadco.
  • As an integral Unit of Busadco, the enterprise shall coordinate closely with concerned organizations and individuals of Busadco during operations.
  • The enterprise shall develop methods and working regulations to ensure creative activeness, flexibility, professionalism, industrialization, objective reality.
  • The enterprise shall have plans for forecasting and prevention of situations that can lead to flooding situation in the areas in order to give out the solutions and measures to prevent and overcome the situations in time.
  • Quality: The enterprise shall comply properly with processes, regulations, design standards and other provisions of Busadco to ensure drainage and pollution and flooding prevention in the city.
  • Time: The enterprise shall ensure the working progress assigned by the General Director as well as the undertaken contract.
  • Labor safety: The enterprise shall comply with all issued rules and regulations on labor safety by Busadco, Enterprise or competent authorities.

Article 5: Organizational structure

  • Director of enterprise: General management.
  • Deputy Directors in charge: From 02 - 03 people.
  • Administration division.
  • Team directly under the enterprise: 01 construction team
  • Production group: 8 groups, There are 10 – 14 workers in one group, each group, there is 01 group leader.
  • Personnel: Total of HR now is 83 people






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  • No 6, 3/2 Street, Ward 8, Vũng Tàu City
  • (0254) 3853125; (0254) 3511103

  (0254) 3511385

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MST: 3500614211


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