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In the evening of 26th June, at Vung Tau Tourism Market, the opening ceremony of performance festival of Southern Drainage Branch was taken place, organized by Ba Ria – Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company

The festival attracted more than 100 actors and actresses from the water supply and drainage enterprises in South area which joined with 26 turns including: choral singing, group singing, duet, trio, solo, dancing, skits praising the Party, Uncle Ho and the country, love.... The performances are prepared carefully with many attractive turns have brought the excitement for the night.

 The performance festival is an opportunity for the branch, water supply and drainage companies to exchange, learn and develop the movement. At the same time, it praises and honors the collectives and individuals having outstanding achievements, positive contribution to the cultural movement of the units. Thereby, the branch selects the typical units to participate the performance festival of the sector in future.

 This is a part of the series of activities for celebrating the 5th Congress of Southern Drainage Branch – term of 2015-2017






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