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Ms. Hoang Thi Hanh - Director of Financial Department

Tasks of the Controller

  1. Verifying the legality, honesty, prudence of the Council of Members or the Chairman and the General Director (Director) of the company in the performance of ownership rights, management of business operation in the One Member Limited Company with the following contents
  2. a) Reorganizing, changing ownership rights, dissolving and proposing for bankruptcy of the company; establishing a new subsidiary being One Member Limited Company; contributing, holding, increasing or decreasing the capital of the company to other companies; establishing, reorganizing, dissolving branches, representative offices and other dependent accounting units; receiving volunteer enterprises as the subsidiaries, associated companies; 
  3. b) Implementing the charters of the company;
  4. c) Implementing the objectives, duties and business lines; strategy, production and business plan, investment and development for annual and for 5 years of the company;
  5. d) Increasing the charter capital; transfering a part or all of the charter capital of the company to other organizations and individuals;

              đ) Preservating and developing the capital of the company;

  1. e) Implementing the investment projects, purchasing – selling – borrowing – lending contracts and other contracts of the company;
  2. g) Implementing the regimes of finance, income distributing, funds setting up and using under the provisions of the law;
  3. h) Implementating the regimes of salary and bonuses in the company;
  4. i) Other contents specified by the Owner.
  5. Verifying the financial statement, the business result statement, the evaluation report of the management and other reports before submitting to the company owner or the relevant state agencies; submitting the verification statement to the company owner.

For the parent company of the state corporation, the Financial Comptroller shall be responsible for presiding, coordinating the specialized controller in verifying the financial statement and controlling the contents specified at Point d, đ, g - Clause 1 of this Article.

  1. Proposing the company owner the solutions for completing of the structure of organization, management and operation of the company.
  2. Other duties specified in the Charter of the company or according to the decision of the company owner.

The Controller shall be responsible for:

  1. Establishing the Operation Regulation of the Controller in One Member Limited Company in accordance with the regulation at Point a - Clause 1 - Article 9 of this Regulation and submitting it to the competent authority for approval;
  2. Establishing annually working program to submit it to the Owner for approval in the first quarter of each year. The Controller shall work under the approved annual working program. For the cases needed unscheduled checking and superivising in order to early detect the errors and avoid damade to the company, the Controller shall be entitled to proactively perform but shall report to the Owner as soon as possible.








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